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The Fox Hometown Hero


We all know someone who goes above and beyond when it comes to the call of duty. Those that run towards danger instead of away and those that put themselves in danger to keep us safe.

Every month, 103.7 The Fox will be presenting "The Fox Hometown Hero."

December's Hometown Hero is

Sarah Sweggle

Sarah is a mother of three, and has taken the time to also organize and remodel Parker Woods Park.

September's Hometown Hero is

Ev Gansen

She was Mike Klunder's first victim when she was a teen-ager. This was kept private and could have been kept this way. However, she went to the media to get her story out there in an attempt to let other victims out there know that it was ok to talk about this. In the process, she helped many people. She did NOT have to bring up this horrific past event, but put her own feelings behind her to help others!

June's Hometown Hero is

Bob Fredrickson

Bob has been a crossing guard for over 12 years. He has been helping kids get to and from school, rain or shine. He currently helps over at Harding Elementary. The kids and the parents are so thankful to have him every school day.


May's Hometown Hero is

Lt. Paul Chizek of Clear Lake Police Department

Lt. Chizek was struck by a drunk driver while on duty, then jumped into action as police officer, instead of getting help right away.


April's Hometown Hero(es) are

Mason City Snow Removal

Thanks to the crew at Mason City Snow Removal for working round-the-clock for almost five straight weeks removing all the snow during those major storms.


March's Hometown Hero is

Jack Wolcott

Jack is a retired bus driver who drove kids to Charles City Schools for a number of years. On one occasion, when a parent called him that her son wouldn't be on the bus (due to an early morning appointment), Jack said to bring him to his house and he'd take the boy to school. Jack always thinks of others first and touched the lives of the people he cared about.

February's Hometown Hero is

Gail Schwartzkopf

Gail Schwartzkopf helped save a man's life. She was attending a fundraiser with her husband when she noticed a fire under a semi's engine at 218 Fuel Express in Floyd Iowa. The man was asleep, so she pounded on the door until she woke up the sleeping driver and helped him to safety.


Check out the video of our last month's Hometown Hero for January...Bob Rush!


Nominate your Hometown Hero today! Fill out the form below and listen to The Fox on the 1st of each month to see who is chosen and their story!

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