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Listen to James Shaman, every weekday following your 103-minute Rock Block until 3pm.

He will take you through the workday, bringing you Paul Shaffer’s Day in Rock, Log Trivia after 11, and The All-Request Lunch Hour at Noon, brought to you by the Mason City Rib Crib.  Make your requests at 49-42-FOX.

Also, listen for his ‘Stupid Criminal Update‘ at the end of every show.


Weekdays at 10:45am

LOG TRIVIA…It Will Stump You!

Listen during the 11 o’ clock hour every weekday.  James will have a tricky question for you to answer.  Be the first caller with the correct answer at 49-42-FOX and you could win a FREE 6-Inch Sub from Subway.


The All-Request Lunch Hour

Weekdays at Noon

Brought to you by the Mason City Rib Crib


Pet Of The Week

Fridays at 1:35pm

Brought to you by Dr. Bruce and the Garner Vet Clinic



This week’s pet is Hunter.